PHP 7.3 is here and works with one minor change, the builtin libzip library has been dropped in favor of the system version. CentOS 7.5 ships with 0.10, which is too old to be used, but fear not - 0.11 shipped as part of Fedora Core 23 and the last before 1.0, which introduces potentially breaking API changes. 0.11 is included as part of the testing repository for apnscp!

Configuring Bootstrapper for PHP 7.3

Enable experimental apnscp repository support, then change the system PHP version to 7.3. Run the Bootstrapper, sit back, and relax.

cpcmd config_set apnscp.bootstrapper apnscp_testing_repo true
cpcmd config_set apnscp.bootstrapper system_php_version 7.3
upcp -b

This process will take 10-30 minutes to complete during which time the testing repository will be enabled; you can disable this later on by setting apnscp_testing_repo to false and re-running upcp -b.

One important change is with any PHP minor version change, so too does the location for custom PHP configuration. Custom configuration will be located in /etc/php73.d instead of /etc/php72.d or whatever your system PHP interpreter may have been before.

Important note: cpcmd config_set apnscp.php-version 7.3 is the recommended approach, because it runs an abbreviated set of plays. Testing repository, which is off by default, needs to be enabled to download libzip 0.11 thus necessitating a complete run of the repository as well as package update.

Configuring apnscp for PHP 7.3

apnscp still uses PHP 7.2, but should work with PHP 7.3 with minimal effort. To transition apnscp to 7.3, run the following two commands:

cpcmd config_set apnscp.bootstrapper apnscp_php_version 7.3
cpcmd config_set apnscp.bootstrapper apnscp_php_module_api 20180731-zts
upcp -b

apnscp will officially upgrade to PHP 7.3 at a later date. Changing the apnscp PHP version before an official announcement is at your own risk.