CentOS 7 will reach end-of-life status on June 30, 2024. After this time, no further security patches will be released for this OS. Moreover, ApisCP will no longer continue to provide backwards-compatibility for CentOS 7 after August 1, 2024. ApisCP 4.0, release date TBD, will be CentOS/Rocky/Alma/RHEL 8+ only.

All users are urged to perform an in-place upgrade to Alma 8 or Rocky 8 or use the automatic migration tool to seamlessly migrate sites to a newer platform. In-place upgrades do not require a new server but may break compiled apps on the server. Migration provides the cleanest route with the opportunity to preview the website on the new server.

Licenses may be easily transferred to the new server within the 30 day trial window ensuring zero interruption.


cd /usr/local/apnscp/bin/scripts
./transfersite.php --server=new.server.name --stage=0 --all

That's it! All non-suspended sites will be migrated to the new server starting with a preview stage that lasts for 24 hours. Second stage migration occurs 24 hours after the initial stage completes at which time DNS is updated to the new server.

Individual sites may be migrated - if for example they failed due to preconditions - as transfersite.php --server=new.server.name --stage=0 domain-name.com.

Need further help?

Silver support requests may be purchased within the client portal for hands-time to migrate these sites on your behalf.