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Telemetry module

Metrics are available as a passive preview feature in v3.1.10. Metrics (part of the "telemetry" module) provide a foundation for predictive analytics/hot optimizations going forward. Metrics help us empirically answer how to eliminate slack and redistribute CPU/memory across hundreds of sites to ensure all sites run at optimal speed. Metrics will activate in Q1, providing hot optimizations per-site for MySQL, PHP, Apache as well as long-term data for all other services. Metrics improve retention because no two servers are ever alike— the more apnscp learns from your environment the better equipped it is to maximize throughput.

To activate Metrics, which currently logs per-site resources, enable the telemetry module, then wait a few hours for data to collect.

cpcmd scope:set cp.config telemetry enabled 1

Metrics may be pulled from a site using the test module:

env DEBUG=1 cpcmd -d site1 test:metrics

If you're curious about the parameters it takes, use introspection:

env DEBUG=1 cpcmd -d site1 misc:i test:metrics

More features will be bolted onto the telemetry module over the coming weeks!

Tip: to use a same-user model for PHP, similar to cPanel/Plesk running PHP as the account admin, unset "webuser". The easiest way to do this is use the keyword "null". This applies to plan templates as well,

EditDomain -c apache,jail=1 -c apache,webuser=null site1