apnscp upstream is migrating to PHP 7.2 Friday, September 14 for improved performance and stability quirks that have been noted during its development cycle. In this release, some unnecessary configuration collisions are also resolved, which requires running the playbook manually.

Beginning Friday, September 14 at 12 PM EDT (-0400 GMT), run the following code to bring your apnscp instance up-to-date:

cd /usr/local/apnscp
./artisan clear-compiled
cd resources/playbooks
ansible-playbook migrator.yml --tags=up
upcp -b

These commands will:

  • update apnscp code from upstream
  • attempt to run migrations, but fail because of excess configuration conflicts
  • clean excess configuration from /root/apnscp-vars.yml if present
  • Build PHP 7.2 for apnscp
  • Run entire Bootstrapper playbook to bring platform back in sync

If automatic panel updates are on, these commands will run over the next 48 hours automatically. Drop me an email at matt@apisnetworks.com if you run into any issues with the conversion.