3.1 development is fully underway. For those intrepid users on edge releases who would like to help test 3.1 early, here's a simple trick to begin running experimental 3.1 code:

cd /usr/local/apnscp
git fetch origin
git checkout --track -b master-31 origin/master-31

Nightly updates will pull from the active branch, master-31 in this case. To switch back to apnscp 3.0 at any time just run git checkout master,

cd /usr/local/apnscp
git checkout master

apnscp update policy must be in edge. To put apnscp in edge mode, run cpcmd config_set apnscp.update-policy edge. Failure to do so will revert to the last official 3.0 release.

haproxy + NextCloud coming soon to a 3.1 branch near you!