As of v3.2.26, ApisCP supports installing onto AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux machines as well as converting an existing CentOS 8 or CentOS Stream machine. AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux are clones of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, bug-for-bug which evolved in response to Red Hat's decision earlier this year to make CentOS an upstream distribution for RHEL. CentOS 8 goes out of production at the end of the year with Stream being the de facto distribution for CentOS.

To switch to AlmaLinux run:

cpcmd scope:set system.distro alma

To switch to Rocky Linux run:

cpcmd scope:set system.distro rocky

ApisCP will launch the respective migration scripts in the background opting to send an email once migration completes. You can check the address using cpcmd common:get-email. Need to change the email? Either do so in Settings in the control panel as admin or cpcmd common:set-email

Once switched from Stream or CentOS 8 you cannot return to Stream as no vendor-maintained migration script exists. If AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux doesn't work for you, then you can always switch to the other distribution using cpcmd scope:set system.distro.


CentOS Stream to Rocky Linux migration